I Needed Some Magic….

Magic according to The Mouse. Enter a Disney Park and the hard winter months seemed to melt away. This winter has been particularly long, gray and filled with sadness. So why not head to the happiest place on earth? We needed to remember how to have fun…

It had been somewhere around 10 years since our last family visit to Disney World in Orlando. However, this trip would be different. An adventure that would include our newest member. Our granddaughter, Belle.

Bringing a two-and-a-half-year-old to Disney was an ambitious decision. Could she manage the demands of the day? Could I still manage the demands of the day? The walking. The waiting in line. Would the characters be seen as friends or foe? Happily, and not surprisingly Belle was all in.  As was I. Experiencing Disney through the eyes of a young child was nothing short of magical. The child within was released. The artist too…

As a very young girl I wanted to be an animator for Disney when I grew up. Sunday evenings watching The Wonderful World of Disney were an important early influence. When I think about how important color is in my own work, I can’t help but feel grateful to Walt Disney. The master of color and image making.

Day one. We were ready. Our daughter Emily had us Disney prepared and organized. Apps and bands. Downloaded and charged. The task at hand was navigating which attraction at what time. Magic Kingdom did not disappoint. Mouse fashions are serious business. Donning mouse ears has always been a Disney must. Apparel that appears almost normal once inside the gate. Basic ears have certainly evolved. Louis Vuitton to Chewbacca. Sparkles too. The vibrant colors of rides like Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh were simply a feast. My heart filled as my granddaughter’s eyes sparkled…

The demands of daily living were briefly forgotten. Instead, we were in search of Anna and Olaf. Princess Aurora too. True to her character she was graceful and kind. Belle ran to her and settled into her welcoming arms. So comfortable she was that the lovely Princess had to gently encourage her to move on.

Yes, travel was challenging. A five-hour delay on the flight down with no real answers as to why. Fourteen hours of travel from New England to the south. Twelve hours home. Lyft ride sharing, buses, and planes. Running for buses. Running for the plane. My Saucony’s never let me down. Neither did Walt…


                 “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” –Walt Disney



Author: Elizabeth Ricketson

A graduate of Providence College with a BA in English, Elizabeth Ricketson has always had a love of literature and the fine arts. Elizabeth’s essays focus on life experiences and life in Vermont.

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  1. We were just at Disney World last weekend. This time with our adult daughters and one fiancé.
    How times have changed!
    I still remember the first time we took our oldest who was about 2 at the time. It was magic and was magic for many years. Eventually it becomes about the rides.
    I hope you have many returns over the years!

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