Spring is Coming but Color is Already in Full Bloom at Artistree Community Arts Center, VT!


Spring is coming. The Vermont evening sky tells me so as it was not yet dark at 5:34 p.m. this February 12th. The sky wanting to tell a different seasonal story despite daily sustained single digit temperatures. The blooms still under feet of snow but we trust they are there. We wait. We have learned how to wait. We have had to…

What will spring 2021 bring? Will we understand more of the sameness we have endured? I had found it odd to wear a mask early in 2020. Initially anyway. I now wear two. I guess that is different. I have never been anxious to age but eagerly anticipate vaccine availability for my “age group.” I once focused on “age group” performance in road racing but now I am running from something much bigger…Covid-19.

Needing to leave my little house on the hill for something other than a run or walk on my street I was wanting a mental health respite, so I stopped by Artistree Gallery yesterday. Truth be told I only had to drive but a couple of miles and am certain there was not ample time for even my car to warm-up, but a welcome adventure was in the offing. I had an excuse though one was not needed to drop something off to a friend and co-director of the gallery. The Covid-19 protocols were all in place as I entered the building respecting everyone’s health and safety. The refurbished farmhouse now gallery space is light, bright and welcoming as are the two women co-directors. I had the luxury of chatting with both of them during my visit yesterday, uplifting and lovely the conversation flowed as seamlessly as the paintings on the walls.

The current show is called “Daily Artist 2020 Exhibit” of which I am honored to be a member. We are charged to be creative daily over the course of a year. Normally that is not a big ask for me but last year brought palpable creative ebbs and flows. Heavier on the “ebb” for me, as the news and months worsened so did my creative spirit. I walked around the beautiful gallery space yesterday by myself as it was early on a Friday morning. We chuckled as I was observed hesitating while considering the traffic flow arrow on the wooden floor. I received permission to proceed with my defiant will and go against the arrow intended for a larger audience. I never did like authority or being told what to do so I continued on in the opposing direction. We enjoyed the giggle. I needed that masked smile more than I knew. For a brief moment I was free from the reminder of the darkness of how we must navigate our world right now. I could wander “normally” throughout this gallery… 

 Walking in a relaxed fashion from room to room while basking in the stunning art on the walls was exactly where I needed to be. Where I wanted to be. Every well-hung space was a feast for the eyes and a renewal of my spirit. The artistic talent is humbling and deep in Vermont. Extraordinary talent. Creativity is off the charts. Nothing was lacking in this gorgeous and thought-provoking exhibit and I rejoiced in the unexpected I was privy to view. Rich and expressive color was in abundance warming even the coldest gallery visitor. Sculptures. Exquisite figurative art. I spent some time in the clouds.  Large scale art. Abstract art. Landscapes by favorite local artists. Origami cranes delicately hanging near a large window as the sun danced off the brightly colored paper. Truly an experience I was needing and wanting. I reveled in my visit. I was reminded of my good fortune to live so near to so much natural and interpretive beauty…

I left the gallery and headed home feeling renewed and grateful for the great care and dedication of these two amazing women who are working so hard to support the local artist community while respecting our passion, our work and our livelihood…thank you Deborah and Azusa!

For more information about the exhibit and other programs please visit: https://artistreevt.org

Author: Elizabeth Ricketson

A graduate of Providence College with a BA in English, Elizabeth Ricketson has always had a love of literature and the fine arts. Elizabeth’s essays focus on life experiences and life in Vermont.

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  1. You forgot to mention your own spectacular work! Thanks for the nice words and beautiful paintings!

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