How much more can we take?


A blanket of snow gently decorates the Vermont landscape this early March morning. The pristine eight inches will soon be gone as is already illustrated by bare tree branches. Doubtful our driveway will even need to get plowed this late in the season. There is a sense of calm in the usual and predictable. A surprise snowstorm the end of March? Hardly. This early spring gift from nature is not normally unusual.  However, this “spring” is unlike any other. Nothing feels as it should, but at least nature continues to do its part giving me something to hold on to when all else fails.

Social distancing has given us all more time to legitimately scroll through our prospective social media pages. Beautiful images of Cape Cod, sunsets somewhere in Colorado, stunning images of the magnificent aqua waters of Turks and Caicos and of course the many beautiful local Vermont images that I can never get enough of. There is exception now because the images are to calm us and give us something lovely to look at. No one is going to the beaches or swimming in the aqua waters as we are in our homes fearful of contact with another. I already long for the days when fashion designers can return to showing gorgeous clothing again.  Instead their pages are focused on showing us how they have shifted gears to sewing masks (PPE personal property equipment) for our medical personnel reminiscent of women rolling bandages in WW1. I admire the effort and the skill set and feel somewhat relieved someone is doing so but it is not enough nor is it the right thing.  Why is it necessary that the scrap from a designer’s haute couture be a PPE?  Why isn’t the right thing happening? I prefer to read Hemmingway’s account of being an ambulance driver during WW1 rather than thinking about retired physicians volunteering their services who also happen to be in the highest risk age group. Again, I am grateful for the effort, but their sacrifice may be the greatest sacrifice any human can make.  Our administration is slow to act and in denial resulting in more Americans being in harm’s way…November cannot come soon enough! I hope we are all here to cast our votes…

A president that has the audacity to stand at the podium selectively surrounding himself with people that sing his praises smacks of Fascism and not Democracy. Dr. Fauci a trusted medical advisor and authority we have come to rely on is no longer present on stage, but Attorney General Bill Barr is?  Where is the Surgeon General? What happened? Why was he knocked off the stage? Day by day we listen to the insanity that is Trump. Americans are frightened and scarred and I couldn’t feel more terrorized that this is who is “leading” us through this pandemic.  Spending time at what should have been Corona virus update instead he uses the opportunity not to update the American people but chose to speak instead of his benevolence by not taking a presidential salary and angry that he was not thanked!!!! I didn’t hear him make mention of all our taxpayers’ dollars that support his Florida White House also known as Mar-a-Lago. I think the salary would have been a much better deal for each and every taxpayer that is supporting his lavish lifestyle. I wonder if the story of Narcissus ever comes to mind as he sees his orange reflection in his grand swimming pool…

“WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” Mr. Trump tweeted  as reported by The New York Times. The country will soon reopen according to Trump, while Governor Cuomo is busy fighting for the health and wellness of the people he represents.

New York needs 30,000 ventilators and FEMA are delivering 400…the federal government is playing God with American lives. 

Author: Elizabeth Ricketson

A graduate of Providence College with a BA in English, Elizabeth Ricketson has always had a love of literature and the fine arts. Elizabeth’s essays focus on life experiences and life in Vermont.

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